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Forest Metrix sprang from the woods of central Vermont. Donn Downey, a consulting forester and Tig Tillinghast, fifth in a line of forestry-related professionals, introduced comprehensive industry software into the modern generation of mobile computing hardware.

Each forester and arborist has a unique take on how things should be done, and the software needs to conform to those different perspectives. Over the years, the two programs developed to include many features that the markets demanded- some completely new.

Our products are now deployed with state agencies, some of the largest TIMOs and forest and arboriculture service companies, log buyers, and countless consulting foresters, arborists and ecological professionals.

  • We aren't getting any younger,

    % of foresters and arborists are older than 40

  • But we own smart phones!

    % of adults already own and use the necessary hardware

  • We Use Technology,

    % of foresters and arborists use GPS and industry-specific software

  • AND want to save time.

    % of us want to be more efficient


Real Expertise; Real Availability; Some Real Odd
Donn Downey
Donn is a consulting forester and frequent speaker at forestry workshops and conferences. He lives in West Thetford with his wife, two daughters and an all-muscle mutt who can outrun anything in the woods, including Donn.
Tig Tillinghast
Tig is the 6th in a line of forestry professionals, from 1860s ax logging to 1900s lumberyard managers. He lives in Vermont with his wife, toddlers and a brittany who needs more woods time.
John Peckham
The Front Man
John finished his master’s program and is just about to finish his thesis- as soon as Forest Metrix work lets up. He lives in Burlington, VT and makes frequent trips into the woods for fishing and bird watching.
Breton Tillinghast
Bret works out of the southern office in Manchester, New Hampshire. His coding chops are second to none, but his tree identification skills leave a lot to be desired.
Robert Turner
Robert is a go-to guy in New England for mensuration and programming. He does carbon auditing, complex forestry analytics, and just about anything that makes people’s heads hurt.


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