• Use the best mobile devices to collect cruise data & take advantage of all Apple’s iOS offers. Forest Metrix accesses related data, like NRCS soil types and species site indexes. It is customized to automate your process, so you can spend your time thinking about the trees, and not the hardware.

  • Don't Compromise Your Methods.
    Make your timber inventory cruising tool one you can completely customize. Change what you collect, how it is collected, how it is charted, calculated, processed and stored.

  • Timber Inventory Sampling Is Just a Start.
    Forest Metrix gives instant summaries in the field, including the charts and tables you include in your management report. You get the big picture while you're standing in the big picture.

  • The Whole System for Less.
    Get an iPad Mini and software for less than any comparable system. Includes: the best forest inventory system, voice recognition for notes; 5 MP camera with video; GPS; on the fly summaries; internet & email.

  • Leave the GPS, Camera and Datalogger at the Office.
    Save the weight and free your pockets. One device to keep safe. One device to keep charged. Less stuff to forget at the office. Simplify your cruise.

  • Collect ecological, cultural, invasive plants, and other data - anything you want to georeference and relate to the timber inventory.

  • Give us a call to see how we can help you.
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Forest Inventory App

Tablet timber inventory software

Grade and tally trees; collect ecological data, all geolocated; watch your cruise unfold in maps and volumes as you enter data; take pictures; export to the documents you use to make forest management reports. Now with new v1.3 features:
- Dot tally
- USFS NED and SILVAH native file export
- Variable log lengths
- Unlimited custom formulas
- Lookup table modeling
- Entry validation
"I can cruise better, faster, more accurately and show my client more things than anyone else can in my area. It's made it more fun for me again."

"I love my workflow, and only Forest Metrix respected it."

"Working with them has been great. They get me. They get what I do. They've changed their product based on things I wanted, and they did it in days."

Forester’s System

See how customizable forest inventories can be simple.

Get Set Up Now

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Forestry Blog

Ongoing discussion of iPhone and iPad timber cruising.

Why Choose Forest Metrix?

  • Easiest forest inventory process
  • Ability to take more and different data
  • Most customizable device and app
  • Best value
  • All the iPad and iPhone features, like email, web
  • Explore the system & set up a trial!

Forest Metrix Team on Forest Measurement & Analysis

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