Gifford Pinchot

  On a recent visit with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, we spent some time meeting in a vacant corner office, unremarkable in every way except for the large aged wooden desk. I figured they were pulling my leg when they explained it was the desk of Gifford Pinchot, the first chief of the U.S.[…]

July 2015 Tech Update

Here are a few tech accessories that have been introduced in the past year. LifeProof ( waterproof rugged cases are starting to get built-in auxiliary batteries. This makes an iPhone (case currently available for the 6) a true 10 hour device under the most demanding conditions. We don’t know yet if they are developing for[…]

2nd Annual Forester Survey Results

2nd ANNUAL FORESTER SURVEY RESULTS We recently released our second annual survey to about 2,500 foresters (SAF members and a few hundred others). The survey is intended to provide insight about how foresters are feeling about their business and the tools they are using. Demographics Roughly 2/3 of foresters are working as consulting foresters, and[…]