Gifford Pinchot

  On a recent visit with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, we spent some time meeting in a vacant corner office, unremarkable in every way except for the large aged wooden desk. I figured they were pulling my leg when they explained it was the desk of Gifford Pinchot, the first chief of the U.S.[…]

July 2015 Tech Update

Here are a few tech accessories that have been introduced in the past year. LifeProof ( waterproof rugged cases are starting to get built-in auxiliary batteries. This makes an iPhone (case currently available for the 6) a true 10 hour device under the most demanding conditions. We don’t know yet if they are developing for[…]

2nd Annual Forester Survey Results

2nd ANNUAL FORESTER SURVEY RESULTS We recently released our second annual survey to about 2,500 foresters (SAF members and a few hundred others). The survey is intended to provide insight about how foresters are feeling about their business and the tools they are using. Demographics Roughly 2/3 of foresters are working as consulting foresters, and[…]

New UFM Features

New Features Added to Urban Forest Metrix Since Last Quarterly: –       Geolocation data can be modified graphically on the map , and reflect back in the actual latitude and longitude data –       Mapping data can be exported with one touch to Google Earth (KML), allowing instant map customization abilities and GIS compatibility –       Latin or[…]

2014 Foresters Survey In: Benchmarks and Trends…

Forest Metrix recently distributed a survey to about 2,000 randomly selected licensed foresters, discovering some benchmarks for forestry practices, as well as some interesting business trends. (Many thanks to those who participated!) Executive Summary- the Business side of Forestry Foresters are very busy these days, with the majority indicating that work is busier this year[…]

Arborists: Biz Growing, Competition Worse, We’re Not Getting Younger

Urban Forest Metrix released the results of a survey sent to a couple thousand arborists asking about their own local business conditions. The upshot? Demand in the industry is growing rapidly, but so is competition. A lot of facts came out of the study, such as which areas are proving to be the most successful[…]

iPhone version!

At last, Forest Metrix has developed a full-featured version for Apple’s iPhone! We were able to keep all the same features and analytics, and the interface is pretty slick. Some think it is even easier to user than the iPad version. One really neat part is that the same cruise file can be used on[…]