Many top programs are looking to bring a modern and powerful forest inventory tool into their curricula. Tired of spending thousands of dollars on Trimbles, they’ve seen the light and are now teaching Forest Metrix on $300 iPad Minis. Students can learn forestry better and gain a deeper understanding of statistics and calculations. They can even load it onto their personal tablets or phones, saving the institution hardware costs, and proving much more convenient to the students. Something as simple as seeing their sampling error on-the-fly can help drive home the understanding of stand composition. They can instantly evaluate timber cruise data in Doyle versus International to understand how log rules work. Reports are produced in Microsoft Excel for Windows. Most tables and graphs are built on pivot tables and charts, allowing for custom analysis in the classroom.

You can distribute Forest Metrix to your students to run on their own iPhones and iPads- an unlimited number of users for only $1,949 per year. And students receive a huge discount upon graduation if they are looking to start their own forestry consulting business.

UMass Amherst, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and Penn Tech are all using Forest Metrix, and several other top universities are considering making the move. We can customize your license to serve multiple curriculums. Email us ( to schedule a brief live demo over the web to see if Forest Metrix is a good fit for you.


What makes Forest Metrix unique?

Awesome Hardware

Forest Metrix runs on iPhones and iPads- not dedicated data loggers. Bright high resolution screens, super fast processors, GPS-enabled, and fully ruggedized for less than $500. Also available for Windows 8 tablets.


A tally sheet that is easy on the eyes. Large buttons, and dynamic interfaces that change based on your cruise methods. Use a finger or a stylus.


See the results while you are still out there. Know your sampling error, species composition, volumes, and more.


We use Microsoft Excel (Windows) for professional customizable reports, allowing full access to computer users of all skill levels.


You decide how you want things set up. There is no need to change your species codes, product calls, length increments, optional tree and plot data; Forest Metrix will not constrain you.


We build data collection and analysis interfaces for research projects, custom inventory, stand exam and best management practice audits, cultural feature inventory, continuous forest inventory exams, baseline monitoring, etc, for surprisingly reasonable cost. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Forest Metrix is deployed in every region of the country and four continents. Do you think you are different? Well, you certainly may be, but we haven’t found a method that we couldn’t accommodate.