Etuity Protected Lands Management

Stewardship software on devices in the field, linked to computers back at the office

Software For…

Stewardship Management

Assign properties to stewards and track results, problems, maintenance work and landowner relationships.

Relationship Management

Property owner relationships can be husbanded with the sharing of data, pictures and other elements of interest shared between land trust and land owner.

Simple Enough for Once-a-Year Volunteers; Able to Manage 100s of Properties with Most Comprehensive Feature Set

Make stewardship easier for your staff and volunteers with the tablet and iPhone system that eliminates hassles at every level.


Easy & accurate. GIS-compatible without GIS hassle.

Manage Work

Those with permission can note issues with properties, manage fee property maintenance.

Data Entry

Nothing faster, or – when needed – more complete. Easy entry, easier updating.

Pretty Reports

A full suite of stock & customized reports, in PDF & Excel

Compliant with Accreditation Standards & Practices

Maintain your records and enjoy the ability to report on activities across your entire set of properties. Stewardship reports can now become rich resources, rather than merely filed papers.

“I like the ease of mapping … as well as the flexibility of the program for setting things up my way.”

I like the ease of mapping … as well as the flexibility of the program for setting things up my way, with my own parameters. It’s a helpful way in remembering all the things I want to include. I can then present the information as an individual report or export the data into excel and manipulate it for inclusion in my reports. It’s very affordable, too.

Denice Britton, CalTLC

“Essential field and office tool”

Urban Forest Metrix allows me to handle large amounts of data in the field quickly, accurately, and the way I want it. It’s now an essential field and office tool.

Ken Knight, Kenneth A. Knight Consulting, LLC

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