Landowner Relationship Management

Key Capabilities:

Automate Notifications

Share Pictures

Avoid redundant queries

Build maps for landowner

PDF reports to owner

Track communications

Keep Owners Informed, Schedule, Share

Nothing proves the shared interests of landowners and land trusts than the sharing of the deepening knowledge of the property. Versions of stewardship reports can be produced to emphasize pictures, maps, wildlife observations and other elements that may be of interest.  Etuity can make the entire experience more convenient, with automated notifications; and make the experience richer for the sharing of pictures and experiences afterward.

Share a Version of the Stewardship Report

Following up can be as simple as sharing a version of the stewardship report, typically emphasizing the pictures and wildlife observations. Maps, tracks and other elements can be incorporated in a standard email package sent after visits to land owned by people desiring more interaction.

Share Maps

Landowners often have basic, deficient maps. Something as simple as a base map and boundaries might be of great value to them. Add onto that trails walked and points of interest marked, and the perceived value can rocket.

Share Pictures

The iPad or iPhone’s camera can be used to directly insert images into the database. That makes one-touch reports easy for sharing pictures with landowners and others. Images from other cameras can also be inserted.