Stewardship Fieldwork

Key Capacities:

Super fast data entry

Same-day support

Simplest, most accurate mapping

Customized to your land trust

Automatically downloads assigned property data

Works on or off net

Fast, Intuitive Navigation & Data Entry

Have stewards use their own hardware (iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs) to have the system automatically download the information on the properties to which they are assigned. They can see maps, previous visits and points of interest. They can add new visit records to these points, and add new ones. Stewardship directors can assign specific places or things to check.

Keep Tabs on Required Checks

Navigate to nearest objective, or choose from among those within 100 feet. View all objectives together on a map, and see which ones are required to visit. Once there, make observations quickly with pop-up menus and auto-advancing fields.