Manage Land Trust Stewardship and Property Maintenance Workflow

Key Differences:

Same-day support

Work prioritization

Pictures, notes for crew

GPS 1-touch record look-up

Exception notes, ability to confer

Re-route crews on the fly

Put More Work Through, More Efficiently

Workflow management can be made super-simple, allowing for managing work crew resources most efficiently. Track approvals and, later, work assignments. The system is customizable, as all non-profits have unique structures and needs.

Get More Work Proposed and Approved

Click a button to have your device’s GPS figure out what tree is in front of you. See its visit history. Add to it quickly.

The clever interface starts from a basic, quick view of a point of interest’s information, but provides access to numerous tabs that can go into great detail and history.

Prioritize Work to Best Teams and Times

Our mapping system is designed to work with the current state-of-the-art mapping systems, such as Google Earth, the most popular personal navigation apps, ArcGIS and any other system that can use the industry-standard KML format.

Delight Management, Board Members & Donors with Maps, Reports, Competence

Customized reports make for efficient prioritization, but also show tangible improvements in efficiency.