The Easiest, Most Comprehensive Software for Tree Professionals


Best, Most Comprehensive App for Arborists and Tree Care Pros
Multi-Visit Record System

This is no spreadsheet. UFM takes into account all of the information across all of the visits to a plant. Quickly use its history to help diagnose and prescribe treatment, or automate scheduling.

Risk Assessment

This is the only software to date with the complete TRAQ system. We even automate the calculations and make multiple assessments easy with form copying. Multiple methods, map enabled, and pretty badass.


Trunk Formula method, Replacement Cost method, and other ways of calculating value. Regionally and personally customized. Process automated with data look-ups, copy-tree function and benchmarking.


Generate maps on the fly from the tablet, or export to open formats, where clients can combine layers in their own GIS systems, or can make maps public via the web. Include key tree information on interactive maps.

Enterprise Management

A/R, customer relationship management, contract management, multi-team scheduling, inventory tracking, automated chemical use reporting, intelligent time and materials estimating, more…

Built By Arborists, Tree Techs & Back Office Staff

Seamless between field and office because it absolutely has to be
Make Your Operation Efficient; Delight Customers

UFM is a customized tablet app allowing diagnostics, prescriptions, proposals, pictures, geolocations and more. It can also be run on a PC or Mac. It’s the thing your people take into the field to not just enter data but to use it from visits past, see trends and see the greater context in the urban forest around them.

We add features frequently. Client requests caused us to include TRAQ tree risk assessments; tree appraisals; maps exported to Google Earth or a GIS system; and reports sent to a client’s email.

And it’s simple. If you can use an iPhone, you can use UFM.

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Real Expertise; Real Availability; Some of Them Real Odd
Donn Downey
Donn is a registered forester and frequent speaker at forestry tech and mensuration conferences. He lives in West Thetford with his wife, two daughters and an all-muscle mutt who can outrun anything in the woods including, frequently, Donn.
Tig Tillinghast
Tig is the sixth in a line of forest-related professionals, extending from ax logging in the 1860s to lumber sales in the 1900s. He lives in Thetford, VT with his wife, two toddlers and a brittany who needs to get out into the woods more.
John Peckham
Product Manager
John finished forestry school and for the past few years has been just about to finish his thesis, as soon as Forest Metrix work lets up. He lives in Burlington, VT and makes frequent trips into the woods for fishing and bird watching.
Breton Tillinghast
Bret lives in New Hampshire and does some of the more complex coding work. He has remarkable patience, working in an environment where every customer has a different code base.
Robert Turner
Robert is the go-to guy in New England for mensuration tech and programming. He does carbon auditing, arboriculture data management, complex forestry analytics, and just about anything that makes people’s heads hurt.
Flying Cloud
Compliance Officer
Flying Cloud is a brittany spaniel. He accompanies most field missions, ensuring grouse or other gallinaceous birds don’t get too close.


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