Training and Support

Support Methods for Forest Metrix

For quick support, you might be fastest served by consulting the manual here. It includes instructions for working Forest Metrix as well as typical file management tasks people often wish to perform between field and office.

You might also consult our frequently asked questions list below.  For general trainings, you can contact us to schedule a time.

Also below, you’ll find a scrolling list of videos that show how specific things are done, or follow the cases of specific types of users.

A handy list of instruction videos:
Quickly Getting Started After Purchase
Using Airdrop to Move Files Between Devices
Using Cloud Service (Dropbox) to Move Files
Using iTunes to Move Files
Tree Inventory Operation
Arborist Use Operation
Urban Forest Metrix Demonstration


Always feel free to contact us if you don’t see an answer here.

What are voice notes?

Voice notes means you can click a button rather than the keyboard and speak into your device, and the system will translate what you say into typed text. It’s pretty cool, and works even with people who are heavily accented, such as many Canadians.

What's the deal with pictures?

UFM uses your device’s onboard camera to insert pictures not just onto the device, but into the records for that visit for that tree. This makes including pictures later in reports – or flipping through visits to help with a diagnosis – super easy.  Photos don’t appear on the maps, but in reports set up to show them. Those same fields that hold the pictures can also hold videos, drone footage, or sound files.

Does it speak Canadian?

For sure. It can even work in metric.

What does it mean to have TRAQ?

To our knowledge UFM is the only program that includes *all* of the ISA’s tree risk assessment method, called TRAQ. We have all of the fields and all of the value lists, and a series of different sorts of reports that can help generate assessments for clients. Having all of it available becomes rather important when an arborist is asked questions about this in court for a client. UFM also pulls in values by species that are defined by your ISA region.

How much does UFM cost?

Pricing is shown right on the homepage.

How do I contact support?

You can email us here, or click on any of the Contact Us links. We typically respond to support requests within a business day. We do not charge for support. You can also see our manual here. Always welcome are new feature ideas.

Is this a "cloud" application?

UFM can be deployed on the cloud, or on a server of your own, or on your computer or mobile device. This is a decision you make when you start using UFM (and can later change). Typically, people who need to travel around in a wide area that sometimes does not have good internet access avoid using UFM as a cloud application. They need constant access. In those cases, having the files on the device you are using makes most sense. Firms that have multiple users working on the same project very much prefer running the system on the cloud, so everyone can work with the same data and be sure that everything is being de-conflicted intelligently by the system.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. In the first 30 days, you may return the software for a full refund, less any special customization fees charged.

What can be customized on UFM?

When you first start using UFM, three common customizations are re-ordering the fields; changing out some fields; and changing the value lists that appear in the fields. Additionally, almost all customers customize the reports that show the data to their clients; not just putting logos and contact information on them, but also changing the information that appears, and how it appears. Other customizations can include custom attribute tables on the mapping exports and even different interfaces for people who will use a more simplified version of the system.

Will it work on PC or other platform?

UFM works on PC, Mac, and iOS devices, like iPads and iPhones. On PC and Mac (and also Windows tablets), it will run provided a copy of the underlying database software – Filemaker Pro – has been purchased as well (~$320). It does not work on Android, Palm, Newton, or Magic Cap.

Do I need to purchase additional database software?

UFM runs on an underlying database called Filemaker Pro. For mobile devices, you do not need to purchase any software, but you do need to download the mobile version of that database, called Filemaker Go. For desktop use, you do need to purchase a license for Filemaker Pro. You can do that here. The version you needs is the most basic version, called simply Filemaker Pro.

Do I need a license for every device?

Our licensing follows the people. A single person can use one license on their computer, laptop, iPad, even their home computer. Another person, though, would require another license.

What is the difference between UFM and UFM Enterprise?

UFM Enterprise is designed for large institutions and firms. It involves a great deal of customization to the workflow of the organization and typically employs a scheduling system to juggle people or teams and an inflow of work orders. It often gets more involved in the financial side of things as well.

How do I move documents from my iPad to the computer?

We have a file management section in our manual here. Or you can see this video here.