Reporting: Tree Report, Map, Tree Inventory and Workflow Reports

Key Differences:

Same-day support

Work prioritization

Pictures, notes for crew

GPS 1-touch record look-up

Exception notes, ability to confer

TCIA forms compliance

Send a Tree Report or other Document Right from Your Tablet

You can send tree reports, inventories, proposals, maps and other documentation right from the iPad. Often these documents will first be downloaded to a computer to be added to a more narrative report, but sometimes getting something data out (like a proposal report) needs to be done right away.

The Urban Forest Metrix system allows for both. Reports can be customized to reflect the specific measures, notes, pictures and other information you require. The system comes with a full suite of reports to choose from.

The powerful database also allows for selection of “found sets” of trees based on searching across multiple fields. For instance, you can search for a specific species of a particular size, exhibiting a specific condition. An example: American elms can be selected based on those likely to be vulnerable to Dutch Elm disease (over 8″ DBH), and the found set reduced to those that haven’t been treated with fungicide in the past three years.

Tree inventories can instantly be made into prioritized work schedules based on creating a map that shows tree risk conditions or maintenance stage.

Tree Risk Report, With Pictures


Tree Inventory Report with Pictures

Detailed Inventory

Basic Tree Inventory

Risk and Appraisal Tree Report

Delight Clients with Maps, Reports, Competence

Whether its a TRAQ tree risk assessment, an official tree appraisal, or a report on conflicts, UFM has logical places for this to be entered, reported, and later referenced.