Forest Metrix PRO offers a full suite on reports that you can publish directly from your iPhone or iPad. Tally your field data, run the analysis in the field, and export formatted .pdf reports via email, text, Dropbox, etc. What follows is just a sampling of the reports. Note that you will see certain product calls, species, status indicators such as AGS/UGS- these are all completely editable by the user.

This report is a simple stand level summary report. This is a handy report for those who don’t need complete stocking by DBH, or do not need detailed breakdown of product calls, as this report just shows the sum of sawtimber and pulp products.

Here is a stand level report showing volumes by product, by species, both by acre and stand total. Reports such as these can show a great level of detail in terms of sorting your products/species by other status calls, like if you are tallying cut/leave, acceptable/unacceptable, etc. You can use up to FOUR customizable fields on each tree, in addition to the required fields like species, DBH, product and height.

This is a diameter distribution curve with detailed trees per acre by DBH by species, sorted by additional attributes if desired.

Here is a bar graph of basal area by species.

This is a log sort report, showing the volumes by diameter inside bark of individual logs, as well as the number of logs and average lengths.

Here is a stocking table by stand, showing volumes by DBH, sorted by product and species.