Tree Appraisal and Valuation

Key Differences:

Same-day support

Most Comprehensive

Customization available

Simplest, most accurate mapping

30-Day money-back guarantee

Cloud or non-cloud: your choice

Tree Appraisals Made Easy

UFM is the most comprehensive app for consulting arborists, including those doing tree appraisal work. The system includes both the trunk formula method and replacement cost methods of valuing trees. It automates the calculations – and can even automatically populate key values such as species ratings when you choose a species by looking up the relevant information from you ISA region’s published set of ratings. The system can be customized to use the trunk formula method, the replacement cost method, or others; in addition to being able to handle customizations required by differences in the formulas and methods applied regionally due to state court precedents.

Quick-Glance of Tree Visit History with Easy Entry

Click a button to have your device’s GPS figure out what tree is in front of you. See its visit history. Add to it quickly.

The clever interface starts from a basic, quick view of a tree’s information, but provides access to numerous tabs that can go into great detail, make complex, industry-standard calculations.

Professional Tree Maps Without GIS Hassle

Our mapping system is designed to work with the current state-of-the-art mapping systems, such as Google Earth, the most popular personal navigation apps, ArcGIS and any other system that can use the industry-standard KML format.

One Client: “I was surprised how much clients perceived my work to be more valuable because I was able to quickly and easily send them these reports and maps electronically. I charge now more, and I think I get more business because of this.”

All the "Applicaitons" You'll Need in Future

Whether its a TRAQ tree risk assessment, an official tree appraisal, or a report on conflicts, UFM has logical places for this to be entered, reported, and later referenced.