Import Your Legacy Data

Key Differences:

Super fast inventory taking

Same-day support

Simplest, most accurate mapping

Customization available

Free loading of legacy data

30-Day money-back guarantee

Cloud or non-cloud: your choice

Import Data, Quickly Adapt from Old System to Urban Forest Metrix

The tree work software industry has been consolidating, and some users may find themselves with an unsupported product. Our system uses open standards to import and export data, so you can get your legacy data from your previous business dealings into Urban Forest Metrix.

In some cases this requires some customization. We’ve successfully imported data from most of the popular systems out there today. The data import from your previous system is a critical requirement for adopting a new system. Take advantage of our experience.


Note for ArborPlus Customers

Several ArborPlus customers have joined the UFM community very recently, with the announcement of the date for that service shutting down. We are working now in developing tools to automate the moving of ArborPlus data to UFM. Please contact us for additional details.