Tree Risk Assessment

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Comprehensive in the Face of the Diverse Needs of Arborists

The ISA’s new TRAQ tree risk assessment system is enormously popular. A survey of thousands of arborists showed that 52 percent used the system or had taken the ISA course. Our software is one of the only ways to digitally manage tree risk assessment analyses, even going so far as to do the calculations for you and the only one to manage changing tree risk assessments over time. If you do TRAQ analyses, you should be using UFM. 

TRAQ is not the only way to do risk assessments, though, and we do offer other popular methods. These can be customized, and often are, as different people in different regions often use different methods.

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A Word on TRAQ:

The TRAQ system is not a formula that spits out a risk rating. TRAQ is a set of criteria that arborists use to judge in a standardized way the risks of various tree conditions. The judgement of what are those relevant risk conditions, the various risk factors and the likelihoods of failure, etc. are all decisions that the arborist needs to make. In other words, a brand new arborist can’t take the TRAQ training and assume they are qualified to do TRAQ analyses. Wide knowledge and experience about risk factors is frankly more important than knowing how to operate the TRAQ method of analysis. These things are generally not taught in the ISA’s TRAQ training. Think of TRAQ as a method of analyzing rather than imparting the specific wisdom needed to judge tree risks. 

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TRAQ: Only as Good as the Arborist Using It

Because we have (currently) the only complete TRAQ system, we frequently get calls from people who think our software will allow novice arborists to spit out TRAQ analyses. This is not the case. The system is designed by the ISA to place the liability of judgement squarely on the arborist making these judgements. The wisdom needed to properly make those judgements is as necessary as ever. The UFM system will make conducting a TRAQ analysis easier, more reportable, integrated with mapping and comparable to other TRAQ analyses done at different visits, but it will not help guide an arborist toward any conclusion about risk factors.