I tell all my forestry colleagues and friends to use Forest Metrix. I have been using Forest Metrix for over a year now. It is with out a doubt the most useful forestry tool I own, my business would not survive without it. I love everything about the software; it is intuitive, and so easy to use. What a great feeling to spend a day in the woods timber cruising, then when you are done all you have to do is hit the “Calculate” button and within a short time Forest Metrix has all of the timber species, volumes, and forest products sorted and calculated. I never go to the woods without my IPad and Forest Metrix; it has made timber appraisal work fun again! Specifically speaking, the product support has been the best I have ever witnessed. Not only do I recommend Forest Metrix to anyone needing a quality timber cruising software, I will be using Forest Metrix until I can’t work in the woods anymore.

Al Sharp

Sharp’s Forestry Consulting LLC, MN

Forest Metrix PRO Features

Awesome Hardware

iPhones & iPads- not Windows Mobile data loggers. Bright screens, GPS, ruggedized and waterproof for < $500.

Easy Touchscreens

A tally sheet that easy on the eyes. Large buttons, clear high contrast layouts, and dynamic interfaces change based on your cruise methods.


See the results while you are still in the field. Complete analysis directly on your device- no need for internet connection or export to other device.

Pro Reports

Polished and ready to send or print directly from your iOS device.

Pro Plus Excel Reports

Use the optional Excel Report Engine (Windows) for additional post-cruise analysis and making your own custom reports.

Custom Merch Specs

Set your product specifications by species. Your product pick list can be limited by species, and also by minimum and maximum diameters inside bark.

Every Possible Method

Forest Metrix is deployed in every region of the country and four continents. Every way that trees are being tallied- single or multi-product, and the industry’s only Dot Tally interface.

Your Way

You decide how you want things set up. There is no need to change your species codes, product calls, length increments, optional tree and plot data; Forest Metrix will not constrain you.

Absolutely, positively, the biggest bang for your money. I was tired of buying overpriced dedicated field data collectors, so I took a serious look at Forest Metrix in 2014. The iPad application is extremely powerful and the staff delivered my customizations as promised. The iPad used for running the application is relatively inexpensive and supports numerous forestry or work-related applications, making my time in the field more efficient. Best of all, I did not have to sink money into one more over-priced field data collector.

Brad Rawlings

Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC, NC

For years we have been looking for a well designed, reasonably priced, user friendly forest inventory program to use in the consulting forestry side of our business and we finally found it – Forest Metrix. We have tried many others and even designed one ourselves but Forest Metrix beats them all hands down. We like the fact that it can be customized and run in the field on an iPad mini – a low priced tablet that allows for great use with the attractive interface from the program. We recommend this program to anyone looking to find the best inventory software available.

Charlie Levesque

President, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC, NH

I would like to take a minute and thank Forest Metrix for being a great group of people with a great product. Having been a consulting forester for over 30 years, I have been slow to “upgrade” to modern technology. I have looked at different systems, some quite expensive for the full package, that did not really report cruise work like I wanted. Finally, Forest Metrix developed a product that is easy to use, very affordable and runs on a computer that can be used for other functions. My cruise data is easily uploaded to my computer, via emailing a file, and the reporting software that quickly produces a report that is easy to understand. I had some questions early on but they were always answered promptly and quickly got me to the finish line with my work. Thank you Forest Metrix!!

Bill Overbey

Timberbrook Forestry, Inc, NC

Forest Metrix has proven to be a valuable and necessary tool in my business as a consultant. I’m able to get fast reliable results, with little time wasted in terms of cruise setup. I’ve always gotten great service and quick responses to my questions and issues.

Chick Crockett

Charles Crockett, ME

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We take pride in listening to our clients and the market.
Forest Metrix sprang from the woods of central Vermont. Its development has been driven by our careful listening to our clients and the market. Over the past 5 years we’ve conducted several surveys to get feedback from our users – both what works and what is lacking – and we listened. Forest Metrix PRO reflects the culmination of this research.

Our products are now deployed with state agencies, some of the largest TIMOs and forest and arboriculture service companies, log buyers, and countless consulting foresters, arborists and ecological professionals.


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  • Highest Rated Software by Foresters… % of Foresters Who Like or Love: 89% 89%
  • Low Startup Cost vs. Competition 40% 40%
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