Key Differences:

Same-day support

Most Comprehensive

Customization available

Simplest, most accurate mapping

30-Day money-back guarantee

Cloud or non-cloud: your choice

Comprehensive in the Face of the Diverse Needs of Arborists

Urban Forest Metrix is the most comprehensive app for consulting arborists, allowing for both slick, quick inventories, or a deep, delving recording of detailed tree observations, pictures, appraisals, risk analyses and other sub-records and maps. Plant healthcare, IPM, risk assessments, appraisals, all there for when they’re needed. Reports and proposals can be created right there in the field, with one-button PDF creation and sending immediately to clients.

Quick-Glance of Tree Visit History with Easy Entry

Click a button to have your device’s GPS figure out what tree is in front of you. See its visit history. Add to it quickly.

The clever interface starts from a basic, quick view of a tree’s information, but provides access to numerous tabs that can go into great detail, make complex, industry-standard calculations.

Professional Tree Maps Without GIS Hassle

Our mapping system is designed to work with the current state-of-the-art mapping systems, such as Google Earth, the most popular personal navigation apps, ArcGIS and any other system that can use the industry-standard KML format.

One Client: “I was surprised how much clients perceived my work to be more valuable because I was able to quickly and easily send them these reports and maps electronically. I charge now more, and I think I get more business because of this.”

All the "Applications" You'll Need in Future

Whether its a TRAQ tree risk assessment, an official tree appraisal, or a report on conflicts, UFM has logical places for this to be entered, reported, and later referenced.