What is new in the Pro version?

  • Onboard reports. There is a full suite of comprehensive, professional reports, so you no longer need to export your data and use the Excel report engine.
    • All of the Excel report formats have been replicated in the onboard reports. There are also new stand and plot summary reports, and a wider variety of formats.
    • There are more options for how reports are created. For instance, you can indicate if you want to see results by acre or for stand/tract totals, or if you want stand level or tract level reports- all options are available for every report.
    • While some Excel users could filter and sort data, that functionality is much easier in the onboard reports. You can select specific products rather than showing all, and you can select from custom tree data options that you specify.
    • The reports are formatted 8.5 x 11, and you can print or export them straight from the device- no need at all for a desktop computer.
    • Job info shows up in the report header, and your company info- and even logo- can be displayed in the footer.
  • Customizable merchantable specs. You can specify acceptable products for each species, and minimum and maximum diameters inside bark for each.

We’ve built a library of quick video demos and tutorials.

Frequently asked questions about upgrading to Forest Metrix PRO

Is PRO a free upgrade for current (Legacy) users or is this a new product?

New users pay $800/year for an annual subscription to Forest Metrix PRO, but Legacy users can upgrade to PRO at half price, or $400/year.

I thought bought a lifetime license of Forest Metrix. Am I required to upgrade to PRO?

No! Lifetime license means just that- we’ll support you for as long as you are out there. You are not required to upgrade to PRO.

How long will you support my existing version of Forest Metrix?

We will end support for version 2.3 (the current build) on December 31, 2019. However, all users will be transitioned to the new generation of software by that point. All of your existing functionality will be maintained- you just won’t get the PRO features. You will have the option to upgrade to the PRO version with the features mentioned previously, but you will not need to pay anything to move into the new generation. Whether or not you wish to upgrade to PRO, you can transition to the new generation at any time, and we strongly recommend you do that. There are a ton of general improvements that you will benefit from. It’s simply a better program, regardless of the PRO features.

What happens to my existing version of Forest Metrix when I upgrade to PRO or try the trial?

Nothing! Your existing version of Forest Metrix will remain on your device. It is running on Filemaker Go 15. The PRO version runs on Filemaker Go 17. Both apps will live together in harmony on your device. Eventually Filemaker Go 15 will be retired from the App store, at which point you won’t be able to install 2.3 if you need to set up a new device.