Download Forest Metrix PRO

New users will receive a free 30-day trial. Existing users will install as their new template for projects moving forward. Nothing will happen to your existing templates and project files.

Step 1

iPhone or iPad – Click here to install Claris Filemaker Go from the App Store.


Windows or Mac – Click here to install a free trial of Filemaker Pro on your computer.

Step 2

All devices – Click here to download Forest Metrix PRO.

It is easiest if you are using Safari on your iOS device, as follows:

  1. After clicking the link above, you will see a download progress icon in the upper left.
  2. When complete, touch that icon and touch the Forest Metrix PRO file name,
  3. Touch the icon in the upper right and you will see a row of app icons.
  4. Locate and touch “Copy To Filemaker Go”.

Optional Downloads