Since 2013, we have promoted iPhones and iPads in the field for data collection, analysis, and reporting. Time is valuable, and spending time transcribing data in the office is an extra task that no one really needs. But we do recognize that there are situations where people prefer to use paper in the field or other spreadsheet entry systems. We’ve never really advertised that Forest Metrix PRO is, at it’s core, a desktop system that was optimized to run on a mobile platform.

What are advantages of using Forest Metrix PRO on the desktop?

  • Faster analysis and report production. While modern phones and tablets are pocket-sized computers, it is still a heavy lift to analyze and report on thousands of trees. Your desktop computer will be much faster.
  • Reviewing data on a mobile device is not as efficient as being able to see multiple windows into the same file- looking at stand level analysis in one window while scrolling through plot level data in another window, for instance. And it’s simply a larger screen. When operating on the desktop, the user is interacting with the iPad interfaces, so iPhone users can still access those larger layouts.
  • Data entry in Forest Metrix isn’t limited to mobile devices. Not only can you enter data using your mouse or a touchscreen, you can import trees from a spreadsheet.
  • DOT TALLY. Our Dot Tally functionality is the only one in the industry, and it can be used in the office to enter large numbers of trees quickly using your keyboard- particularly if you are transcribing from actual dot tally sheets. It’s not just a “touch” feature.

The very best part is that with each mobile license of Forest Metrix PRO, a desktop license is included.  What’s the catch? You need to purchase Filemaker Pro software for your desktop. This software is generally $540 for a lifetime license, but until December 18 they are offering a buy-one-get-one discount. We can pair you up with another Forest Metrix PRO user to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact to make arrangements.