Key Differences:

Same-day support

Most Comprehensive

Customization available

Simplest, most accurate mapping

What Happens Next

Thank you for purchasing our tree software. We will send you an email with a link to the uncustomized software and instructions for getting it up onto your mobile device and/or your computer. The UFM software is not available for download on the site. If you don’t get an email please let us know here, and we’ll make sure you are helped. Typically, we then have a conversation to help you decide what you wish to customize. After that conversation, we are able (usually within a couple days) to deliver a version personalized to your particular practice.

Some tips:

  • Plan on trying out the system and testing it for your purposes prior to doing actual commercial work. More often than not, you will want us to make a minor change or two, and you don’t want to be on a client site when you are learning how to use the system.
  • Keep a list of desired changes and additions you would like us to make for you. It is very hard to keep everything in your head when you are learning a new system, so keep a written list.
  • ALWAYS feel free to call or email us if you ever get stuck or have any questions. Especially at the beginning of your using the system, we want to make sure you are comfortable with it. Don’t hesitate.

Our company sells several different pieces of software to different markets. Our forestry division makes a product called Forest Metrix, or FM, which has a trial version available on the site. You are welcome to download and try this out, but this is not the urban forestry market product, which we call Urban Forest Metrix or UFM. UFM does not have a trial version at this time.

Here is a guide to getting started…

Thank you again for purchasing the software. We work very closely with our clients and are very proud of the relationships we’ve built with a quickly growing community. We look forward to getting to know you.