Field Tech Team Leader Checks Routes Before Trucks Roll

Most Urban Forest Metrix customers do not use our Enterprise version, which is typically most useful for firms of 10 people or more. Some do not even need to use UFM on a computer, and fire off reports and invoices directly from their iPad. But larger firms have specific needs that – if done well – can cause operational efficiencies that can save ten to twenty percent of labor expenses, while simultaneously imposing structures that increase sales and profitability.

  • Through contract management and ongoing management of services that should be added to future contracts (including appropriate rejected proposals through the year), revenue is recaptured and made perennial.
  • Through automation-assisted scheduling, routes are packed more efficiently; equipment and staff maximized; and flexibility added, allowing for instant changes due to weather or client needs. This alone can make tech teams 15 percent more efficient.
  • Dosage amounts are calculated to the route, the truck, the site and the plant, all managing an ongoing inventory and reporting requirements.
  • The financial database behind the system allows for invoicing processes to be customized to the firm, allowing integration of other financial systems. This includes complex algorithmic discounts based on prepayments, late payments, up-front materials charges, etc.
  • In general, the system disallows services and service calls to be dropped through the cracks, but it also contains a suite of reports and dashboards that allow for ongoing monitoring of potential problems, ongoing progress, and potential choking points with future workloads, such as low inventories, vacation time of staff, over-booking of work, etc.
  • There are hundreds of user-initiated feature additions contributing to a smooth, integrated workflow because the product was developed by people who sat next to arborists, tech team members, receptionists, schedulers and everyone else you might think to hire and place inside a tree care firm.

Here is an 8-page PDF document showing some of the interfaces that the various roles within a tree care or turf firm use with Urban Forest Metrix. It gives a bit of a view into the power of the system. For more information and a real demonstration over the internet, call Tig (802 785 4260) or email.