A former forester up in British Columbia, Brian Saunders, came up with a brilliant chest pack for tablets. He started off with an iPad-sized one, and we called him up right away to ask about an iPad Mini-sized variant.


It took him but a few weeks to make a prototype, and it looks pretty nice. He sent us this picture this morning.

It handles a radio, phone, some marking tape and a few other tools. The harness has places where lots of other items may be hooked.

You can check out his website here, and see it in full motion video with the YouTube ditty he created, which also shows how alluring the whole setup can make someone.

We’ve actually had foresters ask us whether or not some sort of out-folding chest carrier were available for Forest Metrix, so there’s clearly a need. Brian is selling the larger tablet version for $129.95 USD or $143.95 Canadian.