iphonescreenshotAt last, Forest Metrix has developed a full-featured version for Apple’s iPhone! We were able to keep all the same features and analytics, and the interface is pretty slick.

Some think it is even easier to user than the iPad version. One really neat part is that the same cruise file can be used on either platform, so you can share files between iPhone and iPad users. You could even do half of a cruise on your iPad and finish it on your iPhone. We are in final testing and the first deliveries should begin before April 15. No joke.

The same analytics, the same reports, and the same capabilities in a smaller package. This should be especially compelling for the 400 million folks who already own iPhones. Get into the most comprehensive, customizable, and easiest to use forest inventory platform with no hardware cost! We’ll be demoing this new platform at the NESAF meeting in Nashua, NH on March 25-27. Hope to see you there-