Here are a few tech accessories that have been introduced in the past year.

  • LifeProof ( waterproof rugged cases are starting to get built-in auxiliary batteries. This makes an iPhone (case currently available for the 6) a true 10 hour device under the most demanding conditions. We don’t know yet if they are developing for other iPhones or iPads.
  • SnowLizard ( is also introducing auxiliary batteries in their cases. Right now they have one for the iPhone5 and the full sized iPad, but the iPhone 6 version should be released any day, and the iPad Mini should be out this fall.
  • Tablet-Ex-Gear (, a manufacturer of chest packs for tablets, has released a new hands-free accessory, which supports your tablet computer perpendicular from your chest, allowing for hands-free operation.
  • New iPad Minis were released ( Pricing for the base model remains $299, but the processor increased to 1.3Ghz (processing speed doubled), and the “Retina” displays have set a new standard for brightness and clarity.
  • BadElf ( has released what they are promoting as a sub-meter GPS antenna that communicates wirelessly with iPhones and iPads. It retails for $599 and we haven’t seen test results yet for real world accuracy. Trimble is also releasing a sub-meter iOS antenna. While we aren’t optimistic that we will see anywhere near sub-meter accuracy under the canopy,