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Urban Forest Metrix made its first major leap, jumping to version 2.0. It also now comes in an enterprise version, geared for larger firms with more than 10 people. The features below marked by an * indicate that the function is available in the enterprise version.

ufm 2.0 all screens2.0 improvements include:

  • Instant integration with Google Earth, GIS and other open mapping format applications
  • Interactive maps, with dynamic information from tree database able to pop up when clicking on map objects
  • A new “client version” of UFM, for institutional clients of arborists and other tree professionals, allowing their institutional clients to enter in ongoing maintenance information and use the layered inventory database of their trees in their ongoing decision making processes. This is sold by the arborist to their clients, helping lock them into their system and providing an additional revenue stream.
  • Dashboard to view business statistics, imminent issues.
  • An optional cloud version, allowing multiple people to use the data simultaneously. Also, a “latent cloud” version where select data can be put on a field unit for use in areas without internet access, and then re-uploaded to the master file.*
  • Invoicing and accounts receivable.*
  • Scheduling of work with complex automation assists, such as filtering by equipment availability, staff availability, prioritization, proper time seasonality for specific services, time buffers between treatments, and many more such nuances.*
  • A customer relationship management function for ongoing sales work.*
  • Contract management, including historic archiving, automated creation of new contracts across large sets of clients, and ongoing classification of services done for a client for future inclusion into the next contract. *inventory screen
  • Chemical and other inventory tracking, linked to actual use and also to state reporting.*

Urban Forest Metrix is the plant and tree healthcare tracking application that integrates information from all of a firm’s departments to maximize automation streamline communication and generally increase efficiencies. The version 1.0 variant was rated the top program for tree service firms for satisfaction in a study conducted in August 2015.

For a demonstration of the 2.0 version of UFM, email Tig (at tig@forestmetrix.com) or call 802 785 4260.