Tig’s Take:

It handled the two-year-old during the pre-bedtime bath. There isn’t much worse it could be subjected to.

I did notice that placing a sharp-cornered plastic box  made a little mark in the rubbery screen protector. The box was only about half a pound in weight. I don’t so much mind the mark, but it makes me a little nervous about how easy it might be to create a tear in that protector, which of course would do away with any waterproof qualities.

Some other minor downsides:

– The sound is muffled by the case, which isn’t that big a deal to most people conducting a timber cruise. (However, it is a problem for a two-year-old hoping to watch a car racing video, although the thick layer of water might be more a problem for her.)

– The latches that seal the case are quite hard to open. This isn’t the worst flaw in a waterproof case, and is a downright benefit to someone foolish enough to send a toddler into a bathtub with it.

Donn’s Doubts:

This case stinks.  Sure, it could be waterproof, but the silicone screen offers terrible hand feel- it’s grippy and not slippery, which doesn’t bode well for smooth finger sweeping.  Furthermore, with the static/adhesion of the clear silicone it is impossible to get the iPad installed without getting air, dust, dog hair, etc. in between the screen protector and the iPad display. The rest of the features (size, closure, etc) are fine, but until they use a more conventional clear screen protector, i’ll stick to my Otterbox Defender.  Save your money.


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