Each year we go to a lot of conferences, and invariably the ASCA conference properly caps things off. Generalizing, the ASCA people are really engaged in pushing the science of arboriculture. They are more interested i20171201-untitled_17-12-01_57736n taking down and using more data. They’re interesting people doing more and more interesting things, and the mash-up of that and new data systems is exciting, especially if you’re a programmer.

That said, if you’re a non-arborist programmer, the actual sessions can be a bit dull for you. Good thing they sited the show in the middle of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, which is crazy-beautiful. I spent a good part of last week showing off UFM to people, and then jumping in a rental car and visiting various places around the valley to take pictures.

It was raining. The light was poor. And the sights were stunningly beautiful all the same. Here are a dozen shots taken when I was supposed to be listening attentively to a session.